Each year the British public throw away over one million tonnes of clothing and household textiles - the majority of these could either be re-used or recycled!

The Clothes Collectors initiative aims to teach school children that unwanted clothes and textiles should be seen as a resource rather then as a waste. Working in partnership with the local authority, the initiative creates waste awareness and provides schools with reuse and recycling facilities.

School are visited by one of the Clothes Collectors team who will give a fun, interactive assembly on the importance of reuse and recycling, and the value of unwanted clothes and textiles. Each school is provided with a Clothes Collectors bin and reusable sacks so pupils, teachers and parents can deposit any unwanted household textiles or clothes which would otherwise be thrown into the waste bin.


The Clothes Collectors also offer schools an optional free day of creative recycling workshops where Key Stage One pupils can make the notorious 'Rubbish-Eating Sock Monster' and Key Stage Two pupils can become fashion designers and make themselves a very cool 'Environmental T-Shirt.'

Clothes Collectors is a great way for schools to encourage and educate their pupils to reduce waste, to improve our environment and develop a positive attitude towards reuse.

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