General Recycling

Everyone in the UK should be doing their bit to help improve our environment. We all create waste everyday at home, at work and school, but how many of us actually make an effort to REDUCE our waste paper and packaging, encourage the REUSE of old clothes and shoes, and RECYCLE our glass bottles and tin cans?

What's in our bins?

It's a sad fact that much of what we throw away could be reused. What one person might see as rubbish can be someone else's treasure. People are starting to realise that is makes both environmental and economic sense to make use of this so-called waste but not enough is being done.

  The vast majority of the UK's waste still ends up in landfill sites, large holes in the ground that are filled up and covered. Discarding our rubbish like this means that none of it can be reused and valuable resources such as glass, metals, paper and textiles are wasted.

And then there's the obvious environmental impact. By burying all our waste in the ground we are polluting the land as well as taking up space that could be better used. In any case the space available to create new landfill sites is now almost all used up, so we're going to have to find alternatives now.