How to do your bit

Each time you make an effort to reduce, reuse or recycle your waste it doesn't just help preserve precious raw materials and our landfill sites, but it also saves a lot of water, energy and prevents pollutants that harm our atmosphere. Here are some of the types of household waste we should reuse or recycle and not throw away:


Paper and card make up 40 per cent of our household rubbish, this might seem high but when you think about all the packaging, newspapers and magazines we throw away each week you can see how it all adds up. Top Tip - one fun way to reuse your waste paper by making papier-mache sculptures or masks.


Glass makes up around 4 per cent of household waste mainly in form of bottles and jars. However, with a little imagination these can be easily reused or if choose to recycle glass it can be turned into new bottles or used as an aggregate in road surfacing. Top Tip - decorate old bottles with glass paint turning them into fancy new candleholders.