Tottenham school proves extra-special recycler

31/01/2007 - Tottenham school proves extra-special recycler

Moselle Special School in Tottenham, Haringey, has proved itself to be a Super Recycler since starting Shoe Friends and The Clothes Collectors projects four short months ago.

Since the projects were introduced into the school in early October 2006, the students have collected an amazing 14 bags of clothes and four bags of shoes to be reused and recycled.

Such has been the enthusiasm from the school than when LMB Educationís driver Ken came to collect the filled bags, the students even lent a helping hand to load the van with all the bags. (Pictured L-R: Karl, Josh, Remi, Luke, Rabi)

Senior Education co-ordinator Suzy Morgan introduced the projects into the school with a creative day of recycling workshops where the students learnt to make Rubbish-Eating Sock Monsters and My Favourite Environment T-Shirts.

Moselle teacher Helen Blairman said: "The children loved the workshops and were so enthusiastic about the project that they even helped the driver load up the van! Itís been a tremendous start to the school clothes recycling campaign."