The new face of LMB

07/11/2007 - The new face of LMB

After 22 years in the recycling business the LMB Group has got a new look with a brand that clearly conveys all the areas of the business and its 360 degree approach to textile recycling.

LMB Textiles

The largest part of the group’s business is sorting and exporting unwanted clothes and shoes. We employ 150 people in factories in east London to sort 200 tonnes of textiles each week for reuse and recycling.

LMB Supplies Ltd

Formerly known as the Britannia Wiper Company, LMB Supplies is a UK recycling facility for our waste product - clothes that can’t be reused. We are one of the largest suppliers of textile wipers to UK industry and are pioneering the sale of ecologically friendly consumable products for industry. LMB supplies processes 35 tons of textile wipers per week ensuring a market for LMB’s ‘waste’ bi-product.

LMB Fabrications Ltd

Formerly known as Britannia Plant & Engineering, LMB’s engineering division designs, constructs and sites the bins to enable textile collection. Working with our local authority partners we can manufacture bespoke textiles and shoe banks in numerous colours and specifications.

LMB Education CIC

LMB Education is a Community Interest Company that invests in the future of its business through its education programme delivered in primary and secondary schools with local authorities. Through the education team LMB are also able to reach out and assist with community based charities on a global scale. To date we have been able to build two schools in Africa as well as assisting children’s charities within the UK, Richard House Children’s Hospice and the Police Summer Camp project.

LMB Retro

The latest addition to the group was born through our partnering with colleges and students and building up a network of ethical designers looking to reuse textiles to produce couture items of clothing, LMB Retro is launching a shop for ethical clothing on Brick Lane in early 2008.

Family values

The LMB Group is a family owned and run business, Lawrence Barry and wife Joy established the company in 1985, whilst their two children Michelle and Ross joined in 2004. A family ethos is at the heart of the company, with over 175 staff employed on three sites within Canning Town, staff turnover is minimal with many of the early team still working within the group.