LMB meets The One Show

20/03/2008 - LMB meets The One Show

When BBC’s The One Show wanted to show their viewers what happens to the nation’s unwanted clothes they came to speak to London’s leading textile recyclers, LMB.

Journalist Lucy Siegle and The One Show team visited LMB’s sorting facility in east London for a guided tour of what happens to people’s clothes once they have deposited them in our clothes banks – from collection to sorting to baling and export.

LMB Education manager Michelle Goggi then went through a bag of Lucy’s clothes explaining how different items of clothes are sorted. Michelle explained that most clothes LMB receive are sorted for reuse in developing countries, while damaged textiles can be recycled into industrial wipers, wool can be pulled into new yarn and heavy garments flocked for felt. Among Lucy’s clothes was also a West Ham United, which surprising would be highly sought after in the clothes markets of Uganda!

Also discussed was the increasing trend of fast, disposable fashion and tips on how people can shop more ethically for their clothes, as well as being thoughtful as to how they dispose of them.

You can catch LMB’s appearance on BBC1’s The One Show in early summer.