Handicap International UK

The Pyramid of Shoes Event

LMB has sponsored all three Handicap International UK's 'Pyramid of Shoes event'. The 2003 'Stamp out Landmines' and 2004 'Ban Cluster Bombs' events were held at Trafalgar Square, London. On the 11th of November 2005 Covent Garden hosted the most recent pyramid, which urged the public to show solidarity with victims of cluster bombs and support the campaign to Ban Cluster Bombs. Beatrice Cami, Fundraising & Communication Manager for Handicap international explained, "For the past three years, LMB through the Shoe Friends project has been the main sponsor of our Pyramid of Shoes. This event is key to our campaign and without the help of LMB we wouldn't have been able to do it. LMB provides us each year with 3 tonnes of shoes to build up the Pyramid. Their team also assist on site all day to help us out and Michelle Barry organises the children educational recycling workshops. The kids adore the activities and it gave Handicap UK officials time to talk to the parents about the petition we were promoting. On behalf of the Handicap International team, I would like to say only one thing: Thank you!"

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