How long does it take?

It might sound elaborate but the whole process is surprisingly quick. It takes around four weeks for an item of clothing deposited in an LMB bank to make it to a local community market.

How can I help?

You can help by donating any unwanted clothes, shoes and textiles. By doing this you will be reducing unnecessary waste whilst helping others in developing countries. LMB has banks situated all over the South East on pavements, in supermarket car parks and at various civic amenity sites. Take a look at our bank locator for the site closest to you...

Another great thing about using an LMB bank is that your local authority will receive payment for your donation, which means they will have more to put back into improving your local community!

How do I prepare my clothes?

We welcome any clean clothing and simply ask you to place them in a supermarket type carrier bag and tie the handles before depositing it in the bank. Large bin bags can block the banks' shoots and prevent other donations.

If you are depositing shoes to be reused by other people it is really important to make sure that you pair your shoes together by either tying the laces, using an elastic band or by placing each pair into a tied carrier bag. Just remember - two shoes means a new pair of shoes. Singles shoes cannot be reused or recycled.