Shoe Friends - The Schools Shoe Reuse Project

How your can school stop good shoes from going to waste

Approximately two million pairs of good quality reusable shoes, trainers and football boots are thrown into dustbins each week in Britain, while even more pairs sit unused in wardrobes across the country, never to be worn again.

We buy over 300 million pairs of new shoes each year in the UK, and in the vast majority of cases their last steps will be to a landfill site to be buried. Unfortunately, shoes cannot be recycled as they are made up of so many different types of materials, but there is great demand from people wanting to reuse your unwanted shoes.


Shoe Friends is a recognised schools reuse initiative that works in partnership with your local authority to educate school children about shoe reuse and recycling in general.

Shoes collected through the Shoe Friends project will be reused by families living in developing countries that might otherwise not be able to obtain a pair of good shoes. Your shoes help create employment and trading opportunities in these countries, as well as jobs within the UK for those sorting and checking all the shoes before they are leave the country.