Shoes In Twos

The most important part of shoe reuse is to keep them in pairs! Shoe Friends highlights the need to securely pair shoes together by tying the laces or using an elastic band before putting them in a shoe or textile-recycling bank, because two shoes equal a pair of new shoes. Many of the shoes deposited in recycling banks are not paired together and once separated become useless.

By joining Shoe Friends your school can stop people from wasting their shoes and prevent unnecessary waste going to landfill sites. Your school can also raise money to improve its own environment by collecting unwanted shoes.

  How does Shoe Friends work?

Starting Shoe Friends couldn't be simpler and the project is hassle free. Your school will be provided with a shoe reuse bin and reusable sacks small enough to store in a corridor or classroom corner. Shoe Friends simply asks that teachers, parents and pupils pair shoes together by either tying the laces or fastening with an elastic band before placing them into the sack. Once full the sacks will be collected by Shoe Friends and taken to LMB for sorting and packing, within a maximum of two weeks your shoes will be on a new pair of feet!

  Schools are also provided with a fun introductory assembly to start the project, an optional day of creative recycling workshops, and an information pack containing leaflets for all pupils and staff to take home - all for free! Shoe Friends is not only a great way for your school to reduce waste for the local authority, but it also promotes positive attitudes towards reuse.

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