Ministry of Justice

We work closely with the Ministry of Justice to create opportunities for prisons, providing pathways for individuals to build skills and experience to support their future employability.

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Uplift 360

LMB are working with Uplift 360 on multiple projects to deliver specialist textile recycling for the public sector including defence.

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Through our sister company, Reskinned, we are pioneering innovative takeback and reuse programmes, empowering fashion brands and retailers to actively participate in the circular economy.

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LMB Supplies

LMB provides manufacturers with industrial rags and wipers, offering a sustainable solution for clothing that doesn't align with reuse standards. This approach grants a fresh purpose to recycled textiles.

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In partnership with Renewcell, we're leading the way in cotton recycling. By providing them with the essential quality and quantity of feedstock required, we enable their innovative recycling process. Discover more about our fibre-to-fibre initiatives here.

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Worn Again

LMB are founder members of the Textile Recycling Association and Recyclatex. Ross Barry, our Director holds a prominent position on the advisory board of Worn Again, the trailblazing fibre-to-fibre textile recycling company.

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Leading the change with...

Through our strategic partnerships, we engage in collaborations with industry pioneers.