Workwear solution

Tomorrow's workwear solutions today.

Workwear represents a significant cost for every business, not only in its initial purchase but also in its environmental impact when it reaches the end of its useful life. At LMB, our goal is to maximise resource utilisation, and that's why we've created a more circular workwear model focused on reuse.

Our approach involves the comprehensive reuse of the uniforms you've already invested in and those already in circulation. We’re making workwear sustainable by offering easily implementable solutions for employee kits to be easily returned, reutilised or recycled.

We’ll grade and ozone cleanse items in-house, repairing anything that needs it for maximum reuse.

Our materials technologists are helping brands re-imagine the future of uniforms. When garments have truly reached their end of life, viable textiles will be added into our fibre-to-fibre feedstock pool, and for everything else, we’ll find the best way to transform them into useful everyday items like dog beds and punchbag fillings. This approach follows our ethos of minimising waste and maximising resource usage.

Hand sorted by warehouse team

We maximise the value of every item we handle.


For garments with small defects, our in-house will make necessary repairs to maximise profitability on each individual item.

Ozone cleansed

We use a sustainable method to remove any odours from garments and provide a like-new customer experience.

Returned & rehomed

Suitable items are rehomed, creating a circular product journey.


Any items at the end of their usable life are expertly transformed into usable items like dog beds and punch bag filling.

Secure recycling

Workwear is not a resource that’s been traditionally maximised. We’re challenging that notion.

We treat workwear differently, extracting maximum value from recyclable items. We utilise resources in line with our waste hierarchy adding compliant items into our feedstock pool to support your company’s circular trading journey.

By implementing trusted secure uniform destruction methods, we ensure your brand is never at risk. Nothing ends up in landfill, and nothing appears back on the open market.

The result? The environmental impact of your brand uniforms is minimised without risk, allowing you to operate a more sustainable workwear solution.

Textile reuse