Textile reuse

With 40 years of recycling experience, we offer comprehensive textile collection and reprocessing for our Local Authority partners across London and the South East.

Our approach entails a diversified textile bank network, providing an easy and accessible solution that encourages residents to recycle their unwanted clothing and textiles. The approach enables us to maximise recycling rates, effectively diverting substantial volumes away from landfill and substantially reducing Councils' disposal expenses.


At LMB, we are taking urgent action to tackle the climate emergency. Our complex hierarchy of reuse and recycling maximises the potential of the textiles we process.

To prioritise sustainability and ethical transparency, we believe it is imperative to sort our collections in the UK. Around 30% of our textile collection volume is classified as waste grade, and we fundamentally believe that it is not a responsible practice to bulk export unsorted textiles. This not only generates unnecessary CO2 emissions through transportation but also results in non-rewearable dumping in developing countries that lack advanced waste management infrastructure.


One of the greatest barriers to achieving maximised textile recycling, is convenience. Our Easydrop solution has been created to simplify the recycling process, ensuring that people can seamlessly incorporate recycling into their daily routines.

Strategic placement of textile recycling points in accessible locations like estate offices, libraries and various council buildings, we’re providing effortless and efficient recycling for everyone. This strategy aims to inspire a shift in behaviour, encouraging people to recycle smaller quantities on a more frequent basis, which in the long run will significantly boost the overall volume of recycling.

Textile recycling